YouTube is the best video sharing platform where you can find videos on almost everything, from pranks to movie trailers to tutorials to motivational videos. You simply have to search and hundreds of videos will show up. If you use Android phone, then you can update the YouTube app by downloading the latest YouTube 11.10.60 APK for Android.

Using the YouTube application on your Android device, you can not only watch your favorite videos, but you can also subscribe to new channels, search for videos and save the videos for watching offline. In short, you can do everything that you would do on the website version. This is why you should use YouTube APK for Android to install the updates and watch videos from your smartphone.

In this article, we will share the latest version of the video app, YouTube 11.10.60 APK, that you can download and install. You can also download the updates directly from Google Play Store.

YouTube 11.10.60 APK for Android – Features

We all know that YouTube is the property of Google, just like Android, and so it comes pre-installed in all the Android devices. If you buy a new Android smartphone, you won’t have to download the app.

youtube 11.10.60 apk for android

Check out some of the features of the YouTube app:

  • Using the search bar, you can find new videos and new channels that you can subscribe to.
  • If you like a video, then you can like the video and comment on it from within the app. You can even share the video on social networks and copy the link to share it on apps like WhatsApp.
  • You can subscribe to channels and from the Subscriptions tab, go through all the subscribed channels.
  • The Accounts tab shows you the list of all the videos that you’ve watched or liked.
  • You can easily make changes to the app preferences by changing the Settings in the app.

These are some of the features of the application and I won’t list down all the features as we all are well aware of what YouTube is.

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Download YouTube 11.10.60 APK for Android

The application comes pre-installed with every Android handset so you won’t have to install it again. But for some reason, you have deleted it and you want to install the app again, you can download it from Google Play Store directly on your smartphone.

youtube apk 2016

However, if you are not able to access the Play Store, then use the below link to download YouTube APK file and install the application manually.

Download YouTube 11.10.60 APK

Download the YouTube app from Google Play Store!

Once the APK file is saved on your device’s storage, go to Settings > Developer Options and enable the installation from Unknown Sources. You will be able to install the APK file manually only if the above setting is enabled.

This was the complete article on how to download YouTube 11.10.60 APK for Android. If you liked the article, then share it with your friends and share your feedback about the app.