Spotify is one of the best online music streaming service that you can use to listen to music anytime and anywhere. So, if you want to start using it, then you can signup with Spotify free trial account to check out all its features and music content.

Although, there are many music streaming services available like Deezer, Napster, XBox Music and Apple Music; Spotify Music has retained its spot as one of the best services around.

What can you do with Spotify account in 2016? With Spotify Music account, you can listen to songs in its music libary without actually owning them. Apart from the songs, you can also watch videos and listen to various podcasts. There are a number of playlists created by other users that you can use to play new songs.

All these features will be at your disposal when you create Spotify free trial account. The trial period lasts for one month so that you can get familiar with all its features and once the trial period is over, you can become a paying member of Spotify Music service.

spotify free trial 2016

Spotify Free Trial 2016 – Steps to Signup

You can access Spotify freely for 30 days and enjoy their vast collection of music from all genres. If you are using a smartphone or tablet, then you have to go to the respective app store to install the official applicaton.

The music streaming service is a paid service so at the time of signup, you will be asked to enter your payment details as well. But you do not have to worry as they won’t charge a single penny during the one-month trial period and your payment information will be secure in the database.

Follow to below steps to create your free Spotify Music account:

  • Go to and click on the ‘Start Free Trial’ button.
  • Now, you will have to create an account with Spotify using your Facebook account or a valid email address. After you accept the terms and conditions and the privacy policy, you will be able to sign up for a new account.
  • On the next page, you will have to enter your payment details. (You won’t be charged any penny during the trial period.)
  • After selecting the payment method from the different options, you have to enter the security code and then hit the ‘Continue’ button.
  • Enter the proper payment details in the next step. When all the credentials are confirmed and checked, you will hit the ‘Confirm Payment’ option and create the account.
  • You will now receive a mail containing a link to download Spotify on your device. Use the link to download and install Spotify Music on your device.
  • Now you can start using the music service to stream music online without any issues.

Remember that the free trial period lasts for only 30 days and once that period is over, you will be charged for using Spotify Premium service. If you do not wish to continue with the service, then remember to cancel your Spotify subscription before the trial period ends.

That’s how you can easily create Spotify free trial account and using it you will be able to play any song with better sound quality, download and listen to music offline and there won’t be any annoying ads in the premium version to interrupt you.

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