Antivirus is one of the most important software that should be installed on your computer to provide protection against various threats. There are many antivirus software available and Norton Security Antivirus 2016 is one of the best out of them.

There is a great demand of antivirus programs right now and it is only going to increase in the future. More and more people have started using computers and Internet in their day-to-day life and it has given scammers a chance to try to scam innocent people. While surfing the Internet, you might accidentally download some harmful file or virus unknowingly that will destroy or compromise your important data. So, when you have one of the best antivirus software installed on your PC (like Norton Security Antivirus 2016), you will instantly get a notification when it detects a harmful file on your computer.

In this article, we will see all the features that you will get when you download and install Norton Security Antivirus on your computer. We recommend you to use the premium version because paying little money now will save you a lot of money in the future.

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Norton Security Antivirus 2016 Features:

Before buying any software or antivirus program, you should go through all the features it offers so that you know how it works and will it be able to perform things that you expect from it.

Below, we have listed down all the major features of the Norton Antivirus 2016 version. These are only some of the best features and there are more features that you can see on their official site.

  • Multi-device Protection: With Norton antivirus, you can protect up to 10 PCs, Macs, Android and iOS devices all at the same time and using a single subscription. This means that you can protect all your gadgets by paying a very small fee.
  • Identity Protection: Since, most of us use Internet to transfer important documents, send business-related emails and perform financial transaction; it’s becomes important to protect all your data and your online identity. Norton Security Premium safeguards your online identity and protect your important information like banking transactions.
  • PC Backup: Along with being a superb antivirus program, Norton Security Premium is also backup software that provides you up to 25 GB of cloud backup space where you can save your important data.
  • Mobile Protection: The antivirus software is also available for Android and iOS devices as everyone stores important information there as well. It provides you instant alerts about the risky apps before you download and install them
  • Kids’ Protection: Since, kids have started using Internet, it becomes important to make sure to give them a safe environment. Norton antivirus provides various tools to help your kids safely surf the Internet.
  • Virus Protection: Once you subscribe with the service, an expert will be available to make sure that your device is virus-free and to solve your queries and issues. If you not satisfied, you can also get a refund.

These are some of the features of Norton Security Premium Antivirus that you should know before you download it. As I said earlier, these are only some of the features as we can’t cover all of them in our article.

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Norton Security Antivirus 2016 – Download

You can easily download the antivirus software for your Windows computer or Mac. Use the below link to go to the official site and download the genuine product.

You can either download the free trial version of Norton Antivirus or go with the premium one. I recommend you to go with the premium version as it is cheap and provides protection on multiple devices including your smartphones.

Download Norton Security Antivirus 2016

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