Sony just dropped a gameplay trailer for the new God of War game for PS4 at the E3 2016 starring an aged Kratos and his son. The game is not a reboot and has been titled ‘God of War’.

In the first gameplay trailer, we see Kratos training his son to hunt where they run into titans and we see Kratos back in action. There are RPG elements in the game like the knowledge points as well as the Spartan Rage timed-ability used during the battle. Currently, there is no further information about the game, but leaks suggest that it will be based on Norse mythology.

You can find the gameplay trailer of the new God of War game for PlayStation 4 below:

New God of War Gameplay Trailer

There are certain elements shown in the game that focuses on the development of Kratos. He is not driven by violence right now and is learning to control his rage. I am pretty sure he is trying to be a good father by not making any bad decisions driven by his rage.

Moreover, he is training his son for the upcoming battles which means that both father-son duo are going get some action in the game. The trailer shows that the controls shift from Kratos to his son suggesting that at some point, you will be able to control both the characters.

I am particularly excited for the game because I want to see more action as well as the father-son relationship and how it will be explored.

Currently, there’s no news about the release date of the game but it is exclusively for Sony PlayStation 4!

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Check out some pics from the God of War gameplay trailer:

god of war ps4 gameplay trailer new god of war game for ps4 god of war ps4 e3 2016 father son god of war ps4 gameplay battle

Currently, the new God of War game for PS4 is under development and there is no official announcement of when it will be released. But you should expect some more videos in the coming months and an announcement soon enough.


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