If you are looking for an answer on how to burn fat fast, then you need to read this article as we have listed the best methods to get rid of fat from your body easily and efficiently in 2016.

Burning fat is not an easy process and although it takes time, it is achievable. You can follow a proper diet and workout routine to get rid of excess fat from your body and gain a lean and muscular physique. However, when you are trying the burn fat fast, make sure that you don’t over do it as losing a lot of fat might be risky.

In this article, we are going to list down some of the best ways to burn fat fast. Not only do these points include workouts and diet routines, but it will also help you in finding fat burners that will aid you in your fat burning process. But, before we get into the article, let’s take a look at the recommended levels of fat that you should aim for.

how to burn fat fast 2016

Recommended Body Fat Percentage

There is a certain percentage of body fat that is considered healthy and going way below that is not good of your health. You should check out the below image showing the healthy body fat percentage for both men and women at different age.

body fat levels men women
Credits – Weightlossforall.com

If you want to look at real people with different body fat percentage, then check out this post on BodyBuilding.com forum.

Easy Ways to Burn Fat Fast

1. Eat 6-7 small meals per day instead of 3 big ones. Eating small portions of food every 3-4 hours will increase your metabolism helping you burn the fat fast.

2. Use fat burner supplements to get rid of the excess fat from your body fast. Check out the best fat burners on Amazon.

3. Eat a high-protein diet for muscle growth.

4. Run 10-15 100 yard sprints and burn off the excess calories.

5. Eat a bowl of oatmeals and protein-packed eggs for breakfast.

6. Use a smaller plate so that you don’t eat a lot of food in one sitting.

7. Workout with your partner. This will not only help you stay fit and motivated but it will also help you in building a strong and loving relationship. Plus, your partner will constantly motivate you to push yourself further.

8. Stay off the scale. You are working hard on getting into shape and you are seeing results, but when you weigh yourself, it doesn’t show any improvements. You still weight the same! This is because while you are burning fat, you are building muscles and that’s why your weight isn’t decreasing. However, you are burning fat in the process, so stay away from the scale as it is not important.

9. Cardio is important but weight training is more important. Don’t focus on doing only cardio to burn fat because lifting weights will put more strain on your body and help build muscles and get rid of fat fast.

10. Do fasted cardio in the morning every once in a while. Studies have shown that fasted cardio actually helps in burning more fat.

11. Try no-cardio workout for some time. Check out the Men’s Fitness guide on anti-cardio workouts.

12. Compound movements and multi-compound movements help burn more fat. Lifting heavy weights and doing multiple compound movements use more muscles and puts a lot of stress on them and allows you to burn more calories and fat.

13. Go for HIIT workout routines.

14. Drink more water and stay fully hydrated. Being dehydrated can full your body into thinking you are hungry.

15. Hit the pool. Start swimming or if possible, run in the water to burn the excess fat.

16. Ditch the car and use a bike to go for work, if you can.

17. Don’t avoid eating carbs. Carbohydrates are the main source of energy and not eating enough carbs can seriously harm your body. Add oatmeal, white/brown rice or sweet potatoes in your meals, but do it in moderation.

18. Consult a dietitian and get a proper diet schedule for healthy fat loss.

19. Include avocados in your diet. They are loaded with healthy fats that keep your body in proper shape.

20. Change your workout routine every 4-6 weeks. Don’t give your body the time to get used to a certain workout program. Keep changing the workouts to keep your muscles guessing.

21. Get a Dog. Taking your dog for a walk will in turn get you to walk as well.

22. Go for rock climbing. Hitting that rock wall and trying to climb all the way up will burn more calories faster and help in getting rid of the excess fat. Plus, rock climbing will increase your upper body strength.

23. Do Cross training. Instead of taking rest in between sets, try jumping ropes or do jumping jacks. This will help you incorporate, both weight training and cardio, in one session.

24. Go for chicken fingers instead of chicken wings as they are filled with more protein and less fat.

25. Skip the elevator and use the stairs.

26. Do push-ups and burpees every morning. Push-ups are great upper-body exercise, while burpees are compound exercise that works nearly every muscle in your body.

27. Never skip breakfast as it is the most important meal of the day. Make sure to stock up on healthy food within the first hour of waking up.

28. Get at least 7-8 hours of sleep to recover your muscles.

29. Train with elastic bands when you can’t make it to the gym.

These are some of the best ways to get rid of the fat from your body efficiently. These are not the only way to burn the excess fat from your body. Consult your dietitian and your trainer and visit your physician regularly to stay healthy.

You can use the above ways to accelerate your fat-burning process and get a lean and mean figure in no time. I hope that you like the article on how to burn fat fast and if you did, then share it with your lifting buddies as well.