Girls love when their boyfriends call them by sweet nicknames and if you are not able to come up with the best and cute pet name for your girlfriend, then here is the list of the best cute names to call your girlfriend or wife.

If someone asks why would you use nicknames for girlfriend, then just tell him that it’s a way of showing off your love. It’s not only a sweet gesture but your partner will love you when you call her by a cute name. However, when choosing a cute name to call your girlfriend, make sure to choose one that compliments her personality. For example, you could call her sunshine if she lightens up your day or an angel if she’s extremely beautiful, which all girls are.

To make it easy for you to choose a cute nickname for your girl, we have made a who list of the best cute names you can use for your girlfriend. So, let’s get started with the article.

Tips to Choose Cute Names to Call Your Girlfriend

Before we give you the complete list of the cute nicknames for your girlfriend, we would like to share some tips that you should follow when choosing a pet name. The reason behind this is the list might contain some of the overused (and cliched) words that everyone uses.

cute names to call your girlfriend 2016

The point of this article is for you to come up with a unique name for your loved ones and not just something that you heard from someone.

  • The most important thing to remember is to always ask your girlfriend if she is okay with the name that you call her with. If she approves, you are good to go but if she is irritated with it, don’t use it.
  • When choosing a good nickname, you should consider the time that you have spent together. If you are just 2 months in to a relationship, calling her “wifey” might not be a good idea.
  • Calling her with sexual names like “hot stuff” and others would be really great when you are alone at your home or in your bed, but don’t do it in public. You will only embarrass her.
  • Choosing a nickname from a TV show or movie won’t make her feel special unless she’s a big Game of Thrones fan; then you can be the “Khal Drogo” to her “Khaleesi”.
  • Using the short version of her name would also work when choosing a nick name. Like Sandra will become “Sandy” or Jennifer will become “Jenny”.

50+ Cute Names to Call Your Girlfriend

  1. Babe – If she is the best.
  2. Princess – If you want to treat her to everything.
  3. Darling – If she is the dearest.
  4. Gorgeous – No need to explain this one.
  5. Angel – If she is your guardian angel.
  6. Boo – If you find her sexy.
  7. Doll – If she is perfect as a doll.
  8. Summer – If she brightens your day.
  9. Hope – If she makes your look at the good things.
  10. Daisy – If she is delicate like a flower.
  11. Kitten – If she’s adorable.
  12. Pinky – For someone who’s girly.
  13. Donut – If she’s sweet and irresistible.
  14. Cindrella – If she’s a princess in your eyes.
  15. Sunshine – If she lightens up your life.
  16. Hot Stuff – If she’s irresistible.
  17. Wifey – For someone you plan to make your future wife.
  18. Sweetheart – If she is sweet.
  19. Love – If she’s the love of your life.
  20. Precious – If she’s too valuable to lose.
  21. Bub – For someone who is too adorable.
  22. Honey – If she’s sweet.
  23. Cutie-pie – If she’s cute.
  24. Cupcake – If she is sweet and yummy.
  25. Lemon – If she adds something exciting to your life.
  26. Baby Boo – If you want to spoil her.
  27. Spring – For someone who adds color to your life.
  28. Melody – If her voice is melodious.
  29. Pumpkin – If she’s bright and sweet.
  30. Cookie – If she’s sweet and you can’t resist her.
  31. Peach – If she’s delightful.
  32. Dove – If she’s cute.
  33. Honey-Bun – To show her how much you love her.
  34. My Queen – If you want to give her everything she wants.
  35. Baby Doll – If she’s sexy and gorgeous.
  36. Peanut – If she’s the best.
  37. Muffin – For someone who is sweet and perfect.
  38. Lambchop – If she’s awesome.
  39. Pooh – If she’s innocent as Pooh.
  40. Hotness – If she’s sexy.
  41. Juliet – If she’s the heroine in your life.
  42. Hun Bun – If she’s cute and sweet.
  43. Baby Bear – If she’s adorable as a baby bear.
  44. Gigi – For someone who’s innocent and sweet.
  45. Hot Mama – For someone who’s curvy and hot.
  46. Fruit Loops – If she’s sweet and you can’t live without her.
  47. Pudding – If you love her with all your heart.
  48. My All – If you would sacrifice everything for her.
  49. Cowgirl – For someone who’s adventurous.
  50. Boo Boo – If she’s cute and sexy.
  51. Button – If she’s cute as a button.
  52. Hop – If she’s fun loving.
  53. Snuggly – For someone who loves you snuggle.

cute nicknames for girlfriends

These are some of the best cute nicknames for your girlfriend that you can use to call her. These are not all of them because we tried to stay away from the most used ones (as well as the stupid ones).

I really hope that you liked the list of the cute names to call your girlfriend. If you did, then please share it with your bros so that they too can take advantage of this post and come up with a cute pet name for their girlfriends.



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