If you are a designer then you would surely need some of the best-looking fonts for your designs. In this article, we have made a list of some of the best free fonts for 2016 that you can download right now.

We have gone through a lot of different lists of the best fonts online and brought together the best of them that can be used in different types of designs to make them look cooler. I hope that you will be able to download them and make your designs stand out.

In this article, we have put together a lot of different free fonts and they consist of tattoo fonts, cursive fonts, handwriting fonts, retro fonts, stencil fonts and various others as well. These fonts can be used to create logos, banners, tattoos, badges, emblems, clothing, greeting cards, poster etc. So, let’s check out the list of the best fonts of 2016 below and download and install the ones that you like.

best free fonts 2016

40+ Best Free Fonts of 2016

One Day – Free Font

one day free font


beyno typeface

Breathe Free Font

breathe free font


vagtur font

Muller Font

muller font

Alegreya Font

alegreya font

Debby Free Font

debby free font

Highliner Free Font

highliner free font

Lumberjack Font

lumberjack font

Sant’Elia Font

santelia font


astro font

Streetwear Free Font

streetwear free font

Shumi Free Font

shumi free font

Badhead Font

badhead font

Alghifari Script

alghifari script

Nickainley Free Font

nickainley free font

Inknut Antiqua

inknut antiqua

Sansita Free Font

sansita free font

Delicate Free Font

delicate free font

Big John Slim Joe

Mightype Script Font

mightype script font

Perfograma Free Font

perfograma free font

Bellico Typeface

bellico typeface

Luthier Free Font

luthier free font

Maxwell Free

maxwell free

RedBud Free Font

redbud free font

Minna Drop Free Typeface

minna drop free typeface

Blenda Script Font

blenda script font

Nexa Rust

nexa rust


poniente typeface

Fonarto Free Font

fonarto free font

Waterlily Free Font

waterlily free font

Geomanist Font

geomanist font

BUILDING Free Typeface

building free typeface

Makhina Font

makhina font

Growl Free Font

growl free font

Barque Free Typeface

barque free typeface

Reckoner Free Font

reckoner free font

Brusher Free Font

brusher free font

Bariol Font

bariol font

Bukhari Script Free Font

bukhari script free font

Maddac Free Font

maddac free font

Molesk Font

molesk font

These were some of the best fonts of 2016 that you can download right now and install it on your computer. I hope that you liked the entire fonts collection and you would enjoy using it in your designs. Share this list of the best free fonts with your designer friends as well.